The company ABM Progress Sp. z o.o. was founded in 2013. Is a private company, based 100% on Polish capital. It deals with, among other, extracting the highest quality natural road and construction aggregates. Our products comply with the national and European quality standards. We offer comprehensive repairs and modernisations of construction machinery. We have a machine park where we design and manufacture new spare parts.

Thanks to many years of experience and access to high-performance machines and tools, we guarantee high quality of workmanship and fast deadlines!

We manufacture, among others bolts, gears for some types of excavators, plowshares made of wear-resistant steels 450, 500 HB and perform repairs of buckets for excavators and loaders.

The priority of our activity is high quality of service and satisfaction of our clients. The company applies high-tech technology, using the latest technical, scientific and technological achievements, both in the production process and in the product itself.

To ensure full complexity of service, we are constantly expanding our offer.

By offering you our products, we provide full substantive and technical support in respect of installation as well as professional guidance and high quality warranty and post-warranty servicing of products.

We focus on professionalism, we take a highly individualised approach to clients. The client's needs are discussed in the initial phase, thoroughly analysed, so that the proposed solutions satisfy client’s expectations.

Why ABM Progress Sp. z o.o. (LLC) ?

Specialist knowledge of our employees, experience and interesting ideas that they brought with them allow for dynamic development of the company, whose key task is to provide customers with the highest quality products.

We focus on professionalism, we approach each client individually. The client's needs are discussed in the initial phase, thoroughly analyzed, so that the proposed solutions would satisfy his expectations.

In addition, we are distinguished by the excellent quality of products and services as well as friendly and helpful service. Our clients are aware of our constant commitment. Through the best use of available resources, we perform our work at the highest level.

Quality, reliability and security in all our activities. 

We invite you to explore our offer!



The key element of the undertakings of all enterprises is to have contacts with business partners. Whether cooperation works without problems depends on matching mutual preferences. To achieve the highest level of our services, we have to continue to develop, provide new products, services and solutions that are crucial for the company. By opening the exchange of information with our partners, we want to maintain strong channels of communication between various areas of our activity.

We focus on development and innovation, join us